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How does an intake increase performance?
Volant intakes increase cooler airflow to the engine allowing your engine to operate more efficiently increasing HP & TQ

How will a Volant Intake affect my vehicle's fuel economy?
Volant intakes make it easier for the engine to breathe, which should result in improved mileage. Driving style has a far greater impact on gas mileage than an air intake.


Is there an effect on Emission components from the installation of a Volant Intake
Volant intakes are designed to work with the factory emissions system without causing CELs or requiring a tune to work properly.

Will an oiled filter harm my MAF sensor?
Filters that receive an appropriate amount of oil will not harm your MAF sensor. When servicing the filter, it is important to use the oil very sparingly. More oil is not better and over oiling can cause problems.

Product Care

How do I clean the filter?
Cotton gauze pleated filters should be cleaned with Air Intake cleaning kits available at your local auto parts stores. View our Product Care page for more information.

How often does the filter need to be cleaned?
Cotton gauze filters should be cleaned approximately twice a year or every 10,000 miles. If you experience a sudden decrease in mileage or engine performance, the filter will need to be cleaned. Replacement filters are also available through Volant. View our Product Care page for more information.

Can I use anything other than a standard Air Intake Cleaning Kit?
It is highly recommended you use intake cleaning kits from your local auto store for best results. Petroleum based products will soften and destroy sealing edges. View our Product Care page for more information.


Will installing a Volant intake void my manufacturer's warranty?
According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty act, Act, 15 USC, 2302, no manufacturer may void a vehicle warranty as a result of using aftermarket products. Only the warranty on the specific part or consequential parts can be affected by the installation of aftermarket components..

What warranty does the product carry?
All Volant air intakes carry a 1-Year, Unlimited Mileage Warranty. Excludes filters. View full warranty here.

Where can I get replacement parts?
Select replacement filters are available through Volant Retailers.


Will installation of a Volant intake cause a Check Engine Light (CEL)?
Volant intakes are tested to ensure they perform within the vehicle's stock parameters and should not cause a check engine light. If a problem occurs calls Tech Service at 440-891-0999

Can I damage my engine by sucking in water with an intake?
Volant intake systems are optimized to maximize airflow and minimize water intake. Water inhalation is not possible unless the entire air inlet is submerged (normally requiring 18 inches or more of water).

Do Volant intake filters come pre-oiled?
All Cotton gauze filters come pre-oiled. After cleaning the filter, you will need to re-oil it.

Can I get a Volant intake for my specific vehicle?
Search your vehicle for product availability.