PowerCore® Legendary Off-Road Performance (Off-Road/Dry Dusty Conditions):

Off-Road automotive performance products are built to a more rugged standard than everyday performance products in order to handle the demand of various terrains and harsh elements. Filtration is possibly the most important aspect to consider because it affects the long term performance of the engine. Volant is proud to offer Donaldson PowerCore® Filters for off-road and adventurous drivers. Donaldson PowerCore® filters have far superior filtration compared to traditional cotton gauze air filters. PowerCore® filters are specially designed to filter more and greater amounts of fine particulate than other performance filtration options. Donaldson® perfected the PowerCore® filter in extreme environments around the world, leveraging their extensive knowledge of specialty filtration products designed for usage in heavy equipment and military applications. Today, millions of PowerCore® air filters are utilized around the world and trusted by professionals to deliver in the harshest environment on the planet. PowerCore® Air Filters are ideally suited for off-road and outdoor enthusiasts due to their unmatched filtration properties and efficiencies (Up to 99.97% efficient). Volant Performance backs Donaldson PowerCore® air filters with a 4 year or 100,000 mile warranty regardless of driving conditions. If your lifestyle and driving is more #WhereTheRoadEnds you need the Volant air intake with PowerCore® Air Filtration.

Flange IDBaseTopTypePowerCore© Filter #MaintenancePreFilter
5.0"8.0"8.0" Dia.Straight Round61502None*51921
7.0" x 5.75"7.5"9.5" x 6.0" Dia.Oval61503None*51922
4.0"8.0"8.0" Dia.Straight Round61504None*51921
4.5"8.0" 8.0" Dia.Offset Round61506None*51921
5.5"8.0" 8.0" Dia.Straight Round61507None*51921
6.0"8.0" 8.0" Dia.Offset Round61508None*51921
4.0"7.0"6.0" Dia.Straight Round61509None*51920
3.5"7.0"6.0" Dia.Straight Round61510None*51920
3.0"7.0"6.0" Dia.Straight Round61511None*51920
5.0"7.0"6.0" Dia.Straight Round61512None*51920
6.0"7.0"6.0" Dia.Straight Round61513None*51920
5.5"7.0"6.0" Dia.Straight Round61515None*51920
6.0"8.0"8.0" Dia.Slant Offset Round61517None*51921
3.5" & 3.5"7.0"6.0" Dia.Double Round61518None*51920
5.75"7.0"6.0" Dia.Straight Round61519None*51920