Pro-5 Cotton Gauze Oiled Air Filters:

Improved driving performance requires engine efficiency and power creation.  Maximizing airflow to your engine is the key to unlocking its performance.  For the driver looking to maximize engine performance, Volant offers cutting-edge Pro-5 cotton gauze air filters. 

5 Layers of cotton gauze filter media separate Volant’s Pro-5 air filters from the competition.  Pro-5 Filters are made from premium textiles, specifically chosen to produce an ideal blend of airflow and filtration properties that maximize power gains.

Pro-5 filters maximize the performance of your engine while offering extended maintenance intervals. With numerous deep pleated segments, Pro-5 Filters offer increased filtration surface area and in-turn overall filter loading capacity.  "What does that mean?"  Reduced filter maintenance intervals, allowing you to drive further with less required maintenance.