Pro5 Cotton Oiled Air Intake Air Filter - 5123 - Volant Performance


Pro5 Cotton Oiled Air Intake Air Filter - 5123



To Clean, Use our Air Filter Cleaner and Degreaser

Oval Oiled Cotton Gauze Filter

Flange ID: 3.5"
Base: 4.0" T x 8.75" W
Top: 3.0" T x 8.0" W
Height: 6.0"


Filter Life: 15K Miles

 Volant's high performance 5 layer air filters are made of the highest quality textiles, pleated between a top and bottom aluminum screen.  Each filter comes pre-oiled and ready for use.  This design will allow the highest air flow rate possible and a very long filter life.  Use Volant's two stage cleaning kit to thoroughly clean and re-oil the filter.  We recommend cleaning the Pro-5 filter only when very dirty or when you reach around 12,000 miles.

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